Orbit is the research and development initiative of bKL Architecture. Just as a satellite travels through unoccupied space, offering perspective and documenting the larger context, Orbit acts as a means for research, exploration, and learning. By launching investigations into the burgeoning questions of our industry, our communities, and our cultures, Orbit provides the opportunity to overcome the constraints of physical construction and delve into all the possibilities of unhindered design. Our work is nimble, research-based, and solutions-oriented. We infuse architectural thought into the greater human experience. And, just like a satellite, Orbit collects knowledge that in turn informs the design process of bKL’s home architecture studio. 

As bKL focuses on “build” in the physical sense, Orbit extends the practice into the immaterial, into the exploration of an additional definition of architecture — One that focuses on strategies over space. Organization over structure. Formation over form. Freed from the need to immediately pour concepts into implementation strategies, Orbit is the place where we envision solutions beyond the existing infrastructure. We are not merely responsive to problems as they cross into our environments — we are actively seeking solutions to the questions just beyond the visible horizon. These solutions then go on to influence and advance our physical architecture practice.